20/20 Home Refit Challenge

Can we save over 20% of the energy used in 20,000 Puget Sound area homes by 2020? That’s the 20/20 Home Refit Challenge!

BuiltGreen, the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, and Home Performance Washington are teaming up to make it happen.  In 2012, we’ll be challenging our members and the communities we serve to make our existing homes green and energy efficient.

The Opportunity

Did you that there are over a million owner occupied homes in the Puget Sound Area?  Over 100,000 of those will be significantly remodeled over the next 10 years.  20,000 homes is 2% of the overall homes or about 20% of significant remodels.  If each project keeps a home performance contractor busy for one week, this program would require the concerted effort of 48 retrofit contractors.

Now in Pilot Phase

We are currently working on a few homes and preparing final forms and materials.  As we move forward, there will be opportunities for participation for homeowners, contractors, energy professionals, community energy efficiency programs and other partners.  Watch this space for more information, or Contact Us

Benefits for Homeowners

A whole house energy retrofit saves money and leaves the home more comfortable and more valuable.

By joining the 20/20 Home Refit Challenge you can participate in special whole house utility incentives, and exclusive low interest loan packages that cover up to twice the value of the energy improvements.

Make your remodel more affordable now, lower future energy costs and increase the resale value of your home.  Just take the challenge and enjoy!

Benefits to Contractors

The Challenge lets you offer your customers more value with each remodel, while improving your company’s capability and reputation for quality and innovation.  Adding and energy improvement and advantageous financing can increase the size of each job.  Awards are recognition are available to raise the profile of contractors who excel in energy savings and environmental stewardship.

Benefit to Energy Professionals

The Challenge gives you an opportunity to rate more homes and to participate with remodel contractors to improve each home.  And, encourage your energy upgrade customers to make additional improvements that enhance the resource efficiency and sustainability of the home, while qualifying for BuiltGreen remodel certification.  Grow your business, track your energy savings, and gain recognition for a job well done.

Benefit to Community Energy Efficiency Programs

The Challenge lets you reach the homeowners who are in the best position to save energy:  Those who are already remodeling their homes.  These homeowners have the time and money to add value to their home, but don’t always make energy efficiency their priority.  Let’s work together and combine our incentives and messaging to make sure this energy gets saved.